Stormwater management is a critical environmental issue in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, with stringent legislation and tougher regulations aimed at reducing runoff and pollution in the region. An estimated $8 – $12 billion will be spent regionally on stormwater retrofits over the next 10-20 years to manage stormwater runoff in more environmentally friendly ways.

Community CleanWater Management Group (CCMG), was established in late 2014 to capitalize on these trends in the region and create wealth and jobs in the community. The new CWBI business will also enhance the lives of those in the community by improving the environment.

CCMG offers competitive maintenance, inspection and monitoring services for green stormwater infrastructure, including permeable pavements, bio-infiltration systems, rain gardens and landscaping. The objective is to leverage the local advantage to complete construction projects and regional maintenance, inspection, or monitoring contracts in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. CCMG will hire low-income individuals, focusing on communities like Prince George’s County’s Transforming Neighborhood Initiative (TNI).

CCMG provides good career jobs with advancement potential conducting valuable environmental restoration work in the area, contributing to the economic and environmental health as well as the quality of life for our communities and residents.


CCMG offers a unique opportunity to invest effectively in the economic, social, and environmental well-being of a community. This local model will be replicated throughout the region to meet the growing needs and opportunities, and has the potential to have national impact.
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